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Isabella's Piano Recital

Recital hall Southern Adventist University
Isabella H and teacher Lisa Won Jung Kiser

We are so proud of Isabella's senior recital. She played a big program and should be very proud of her accomplishments.

Duo Piano Ackerman Hall
Rehearsing Piazzolla

I heard from others that her playing is beyond mature for her years and she plays with a sensitive, beautiful tone. I concur. This took place in the recital hall on the campus of Southern Adventist University.

Another angle of the music building at SAU

Ackerman Hall porch
Eleanor on the porch outside the recital hall

Her beautiful family brought flowers and prepared gimbap (김밮) boxed Korean lunches. The Dean of the School of Music, Peter Cooper, graciously let her use the hall and was an excellent host. I feel bad because we forgot to put the pins back into the piano lid that we removed for the two piano selections. I was thinking about it until becoming distracted by the post concert activities. Isabella's hands were stuffed full with flowers and we had a bouquet or two. Before the recital the three of us removed the Steinway D lid. I was expecting it to be heavier...

The University is located in Collegedale, TN, a rural hamlet just outside of Chattanooga and about 2-ish hours from Atlanta on I-75 (the way we came... the time very much depending on how fast you go on 75). Collegedale is stunningly beautiful featuring rolling hills and valley meadows. At the entrance to the campus is McKee Foods where they make Little Debbie brands like the honey buns and oatmeal creme pies and let's not forget the zebra cakes.

On the way home we stopped at the mega-gas station Buc-ees. I saw it on our way up and said to myself what in the world is that? It reminded me of SCs own South of the Border on 95. This was Texas themed and featured a million pumps and a convenience store the size of a small Walmart.

Buc-ees on I-75

Again a big congratulations to Isabella and her proud family!

Isabella's senior recital program with David and Lisa Kiser
Recital program


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