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  • David Kiser

Kiser Piano Studio Christmas Newsletter

I wanted to write one blog about studio activities and news this past season. I've posted quite a few photographs from our Winter Studio at Steinway Gallery Greenville. (video is in the works). I've also like to announce that Jennifer and our former student Isabel have been accepted into Yale University. Mr. Kiser's Music Theory 5 Students are ready to take the ABRSM exam. If you are in Theory 5 you would've received an email telling you what to do for that exam. If the students pass this exam they are eligible for the high level diplomas. See here:

Mrs. Kiser had a busy holiday season performing alongside the Greenville Symphony in the Nutcracker and Holiday at Peace. The grand piano was at the front of the stage. For the Nutcracker she played the Celeste. (Theory 5 students know what this is)

Here she poses in the lobby of the Peace Center Concert Hall in downtown Greenville with some of Mr. Kiser's family.

And with Eleanor after the Nutcracker.

By the way our student Angela danced in the Nutcracker as one of the Sugar Plum Fairy girls. She wore the yellow dress. Also a former student was one of the soldiers. I was happy to see a few students at these concerts.

Also this is not exactly related to piano studio, but Mr. Kiser attended the Chinese School Christmas celebration and had fun watching some of our students speaking Chinese and performing.

Mr. Kiser was happy that most of the theory five students passed the ABRSM Practice Exam.

Zoom in on the syllabus and you can see how much the students are required to know. The exam is cumulative. The Theory 1 students get to play their pieces in front of the others. These are a work in progress. They must know what the piece is named and they have to bow. Theory 1 is proving to be quite challenging and Mr. Kiser encourages parents to regularly review the workbook at home.

I tried to take a picture of most everyone who played in the recital at Greenville's Steinway Gallery in the older group. We have to divide up the recitals into two because the number of students.

The Kiser's are active in the musical community. In case you missed it see this article about the Governor's School Competition and Lisa's students. The winners will play in a masterclass with the famous pianist Olga Kern.

Mr. Kiser organizes education events for students in Greenville. Younger students might like the Lollipops series:

And if you haven't seen it the Greenville Symphony's Children's Video (produced by Mr. Kiser) is a good introduction to the symphony:

Happy New Year and Happy Piano Playing.

--Lisa and David



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