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  • David Kiser

Kiser Piano Live Streamed Recital 2

Original program. Held at Kiser House. This is an informal recital for students to try out their pieces from memory (minus the duet!). Not a fancy recording set up here. Will plan on using our proper microphones for another recital.

Introduction: 00:00

Spencer Smith—Partita in G Major only Prelude (Bach) 02:04

Tommy Chen—Classical Sonatina,1st mvt (Faber) 05:14

Riya Zuitshi—Prelude and Fugue in C minor, WTC, Prelude only (Bach) (Will play on next recital)

Angela Liu—Etude in B minor (Heller) 06:34

Emily Yang—Lark (Glinka-Balakirev) (with a cut for this performance)

Yuchen Lin—Pathetique Sonata, 1st mvt (Beethoven) (Could not make it this time, will play on another recital)

Henry Sun—Sonata in C minor, 1st mvt (Haydn) 12:04

Andrew Ning—Khachaturian Toccata 17:42

Isabella Han—Partita in E minor, Fantasie (Bach) 22:56

Jason Zhang—Sonata in C Major (Haydn) 30:35

Amy D.—Partita in G Major, Prelude (Bach) (played, but because of a memory slip her performance is not included here)

Isabel Rancu—Lark (Glinka-Balakirev) 35:51

Jennifer Centa/Jason Zhang—Piano Duet, 1st, 2nd mvts (Beethoven) 43:05

Farewell to Isabella who is moving on to her next phase in life. College! We will be sad not having her in my studio. She was one of my most musical students and a good example for all. We wish her best of luck continuing her studies.



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