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Kiser Piano Mini Live Streamed Studio Recital!

A few days ago we decided to give our students a chance to perform again. Mr. Kiser (writer) set up his phone in an impromptu way (that's why its in portrait!) for a live stream so that the entire studio could watch safely from home. I believe Youtube only allows livestream after you've reached a certain number of subscribers so you can watch this on my channel which is humorously called OrganHunters. Why is it called that? Well, I'm also an organist. (See some Bach on the organ here and here. Students who have never heard the pipe organ might enjoy watching so please share with your child)

The below mini recital represents only a part of our studio. We will organize another impromptu recital at home soon. These are current works in progress. And some students in this video are playing for an audience for the first time ever. The student named Jason, playing the Tchaikovsky Concerto will plan on playing the entire first movement on the next recital so please plan on visiting these pages again soon in the future. We did the recital downstairs because we needed two pianos and only have the single grand in the bigger room upstairs.


Abigail Yang—Nelke-Lichner Tommy Chen—Jumpin Jazz Cat-Faber Eleanor Kiser—Sonatina in C Major-Lichner Bryan Ouyang—Waltz in b minor-Chopin Roger Luo—2 part Invention in E Major-Bach Sonata K.280, 3rd mvt-Mozart Emily Yang—Sonata K.333, 1st mvt-Mozart Amy Ding—Sonata K.330, 1st mvt-Mozart Jason Zhang—Concerto, 1st mvt (expo.)-Tchaikovsky Isabella Han—Libertango-Piazzola

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