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March (Music) Madness

Instead of posting a dozen separate blogs I thought it might be better to get all the pictures and exciting accomplishments of our students in one go. Be patient as all the photos will take some time to load.

Piano four hand practice is always fun. This is the Pas De Deux by Barber for a late night rehearsal in the studio.

Jason with Mrs. Lisa after his triumphant performance of the 1st mvt. of Tchaikovsky's Concerto No. 1. Jason won the CYS Concerto Competition and performed at Furman

Jason with another winner (Anya, violin)

Andrew and Henry from the studio also placed and were acknowledged from the stage.

A student conducting Eleanor on the violin....for fun.

Mrs. Lisa was nominated a top teacher from Steinway. The award came with a Steinway plush bear and this license plate holder.

Pic 1 from a recent student recital at the Greenville Steinway Gallery (we always appreciate their support of our studio). This wasn't everyone in the studio as some folks were traveling for spring break.

Pic 2 from the older kids' group (Eleanor had to play in this one too, naturally)

It's always fun to find your friends in the nfmc competition waiting room.

A picture from the Greenville Symphony new season program. This was the last bit of work I did for the symphony, programming the Artist up Close series. I'm quite proud of this. Lisa is playing in the "rebirth" concert on the Bates and the Riley.

Andrew and Jason had the privilege of playing in a guest artist masterclass with the pianist Maxim Lando.

Maxim Lando working with Andrew on Liszt.

Lando working with Jason on Prokofiev

Notice Lando's excellent shirt. This was at the SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities.

Lisa and I had great fun adjudicating for the Easley Piano teachers association scholarship audition. I enjoyed listening to all the students in my room and admire their courage to do things like this. I invited the students to choose either piano in this studio at Bob Jones. The piano on the far right is a 9 foot concert Baldwin. Jorge Bolet and Earl Wild preferred this classic Baldwin pianos for their concerts. This was a busy day for students in the Greenville area. Some of our students had to play for THREE competitions in one day and were shuttling between Bob Jones and Furman. It was fun to see all them as they arrived (too, as looks of horror crossed their faces thinking we would be judging them...not the case obviously). See the results posted below.

The leaves and flowers are coming in at the house. This is our favorite Japanese maple right outside the front door.

We are super proud of always to see our students excelling. This is again all their credit. We try to create space and keep the opportunities for them flowing. They are the ones who play and bring their own gifts.


Bessie Cheros - grade 3 1st Place - Victoria Staples (Lisa Kiser) 2nd Place - Alan Bajracharya (Lisa Kiser) Hon. Mention - Benjamin Cheng (Lisa Kiser) Bessie Cheros Piano- grade 4 1st Place - Hasset Ayalew (Lisa Kiser) 2nd Place - Cosette Barker (Gilda Hendricks) Hon. Mention - James Ussery (Sally Ullom) Bessie Cheros - grade 5 1st Place - Eva Yurko (Lisa Kiser) 2nd Place - Ethan Bishop (Gilda Hendricks) Hon. Mention - Derek Batista (Sarah Gentry) Mary Jane Steele - grade 6 1st Place - Bryan Ouyang (Lisa Kiser)

2nd Place - Roger Luo (Lisa Kiser)

Hon. Mention - Roy Hu (Sally Ullom)

Mary Jane Steele - grade 7 1st Place - Allyson Tan (Sally Ullom) 2nd Place - Hannah Liu (Lisa Kiser) Hon. Mention - Dominic Minka (Lisa Kiser) Hinda Honigman Piano - grades 8-9 1st Place - YuChen Lin (Lisa Kiser) 2nd Place - Andrew Ning (Lisa Kiser) Hon. Mention - Liaoliao Shi (Fabio Parrini) Hon. Mention - Grace Qin (Sally Ullom) Ruth Young Piano - grades 10-11 1st Place - Zanshuo Zhang (Lisa Kiser) 2nd Place - Nathan Wicker (Lisa Kiser) Hon. Mention - Henry Sun (Lisa Kiser) Hon. Mention - Grace Zhang (Fabio Parrini) Ernestine Phillips Smith Piano - grade 12 William Hayden - (Lisa Kiser) Robert Jones Duet 1st Place - Wicker/Zhang (Lisa Kiser) 2nd Place - Fan/Wang (Lisa Kiser) Organ Jacob Sadowski - (Jerrad Fenske) Orchestra Noah Orr - (Mary AllyeB Purtle) James Farrell Farnsworth Voice - grade 12 Alana Brezenski (Danielle Knox)

Congratulations to all of this year's winners and their fine teachers!


provided by Bob Jones University, Pecknel Music Company, and the Virginia Bellew Fund

$500 - Henry Sun (Lisa Kiser)

$350 - Olyvia Fan (Lisa Kiser)

$250 - William Hayden (Lisa Kiser)

$100 - Natalie Witbeck (Julie Carrier)

$100 - Liaoliao Shi (Fabio Parrini)

$100 - Andrew Ning (Lisa Kiser)

$100 - Nathan Wicker (Lisa Kiser)



Winner - Willaim Hayden (Lisa Kiser)

Also congrats to our students who received O for Outstanding in the SCMTA district audition. They will go on to the state competition in Columbia.

That's all! Keep practicing.


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