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  • David Kiser

Music for On the Keys 615, May 16 2024 

Thursdays at 8 pm on SCPR Classical Stations. 90.1 Greenville and parts of North Carolina and Georgia. 89. 3 Charleston. 91.3 Columbia. Find the live playlist and listen live online here:

Yes, perhaps how boring! We have Beethoven and Liszt. Ah except that they are the two greatest composers for the piano and we have two really great performances by Richter and Kempff, both from the great days of studio recording 63 and 74 respectively. The Beethoven Op. 22, No. 11 is criminally underplayed. It’s like his early symphonies. Then we have Kempff in the Legends by Liszt. These are standard interpretations played with much elegance. And this is the remastered Pentatone release in great sound. Enjoy. We'll have more of Kempff playing Liszt on a future show.

Beethoven Sonata No. 11, Op. 22

Liszt Two Legends

Have a musical week. What are your favorite recordings of the Legends?



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