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The Steinway D has arrived!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Update 8/26/21: Andrew was the first student to get to try it out. Steinway tech is coming tomorrow for the big job of regulating. Pic of Andrew:

We are very excited to welcome to the Kiser piano studio in Greenville, SC a new (to us) Steinway D Concert Grand. We will use the piano for recordings, studio recitals, mini performances and professional recitals given by guests for our students. Lisa and David will be playing the dickens out of it before the Steinway tech comes and regulates and tunes and fixes any issues that may arise.

Photos of the process below. The movers, Piano Solutions, opted to go through the garage because the incline on the ramp was less steep. The floor creaked and groaned when they rolled the piano through the route.


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