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  • David Kiser

Website updates

Hello everyone from the studio and beyond. I've been working on editing our website and have found it just too cumbersome to keep up with. So with that in mind I've decided for my sanity to spend my time and efforts on two pages, leaving the rest of the website as a sort of archive. New student updates, awards, competition wins, etc will be posted here on the blog. Elsewhere you'll see past student achievements on the website with dates that are getting older and older. So please pay heed to the blog pages for recent student accomplishments and the activities of us the teachers. Additionally I will plan on updating the schedule regularly (hopefully) so you can see where we are performing, sometimes together or sometimes apart. It just makes sense to have one website instead of managing two for the both of us. We're married and roughly interchangeable anyways.

That's all. --DK


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