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Kiser Studio Throw Back: Students Play Historic Instruments.

Back in 2014 our students had a unique opportunity to visit a private collection of historic keyboard instruments owned by Tom Strange. Students Melvina Kuosho, Annabelle Yang, and Yu jung Jeon recorded historically appropriate music for broadcast on South Carolina Public Radio, then known as South Carolina ETV Radio.

Look at the pictures from the recording session here:

Now in 2021, the historic instruments have found a permanent home in Downtown, Greenville in a museum open to the public. It is called the Sigal Music Museum. (Lisa Kiser is a board member). We will plan another studio trip to the museum in the future.

Listen to a broadcast of a program David Kiser did for South Carolina Public Radio on the museum's exhibit called Facing South. Listen to that program here. It is really a history of the piano.


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